Welcome to ROBLOX Building Guide

Welcome to ROBLOX Building Guide.com!

“ROBLOX Building Guide” is a book that teaches you how to create your own ROBLOX game from the very basics! It also covers a lot of advanced topics and tips and tricks.

If you want to contact me, send me an email on my ROBLOX profile:


I have published all the exercises in ROBLOX Building Guide on this free ROBLOX game that you can take yourself (meaning that you can take a copy of it and use it in ROBLOX  Studio, or even publish it as your own game!):


If you are ever stuck on a tutorial while reading “ROBLOX Building Guide”, this game should come in handy!

I do weekly livestreams on Twitch every Saturday at 12 PM Eastern Time! Be sure to not miss the live gameplay and tutorials here:


I post ROBLOX game overviews on this website. Send me your game, and if it’s good enough, I may overview it! My rules are:

1. Has to have little or no free models

2. Has to be well built OR well scripted, either one or both. Well scripted to me is enough so that it is an actual game, and well built to me is a map that you have to explore a bit that has a decent amount of detail.

3. If it’s scripted, the map can not be a blank baseplate, unless the game is Gui-based. If it’s a three dimensional game, I expect more than a baseplate for the map.

This is a long list of games created by users who have read “ROBLOX Building Guide”!

Meet other users who have read “ROBLOX Building Guide” in the ROBLOX Building Guide Group! By joining, not only do you get to meet fellow ROBLOXians who have read “ROBLOX Building Guide”, but you also get bonus currency in my new game “Sword Fighting Battles”, of which I will have an overview for soon!


While you’re at it, stop by the ROBLOX Catalog and pick up the ROBLOX Building Guide Shirt and T-Shirt! Not only are they super stylish and display the ROBLOX Building Guide book cover, but they also give you bonus currency in “Sword Fighting Battles”!



Get the print copy of ROBLOX Building Guide and start creating your own games now! Only $16.50!

You can also get it for Kindle here: